Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mini Mystery

April 15th installment is stitched. Next one comes on the 20th. I'm thinking that the small square might be an ant or a ladybug. Do they have ants in France?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Have Pictures!

I have a working camera again!

This is January and February on Damier. I started two months behind and I'm still two months behind. I'm pleased that I'm not losing any ground on it. Now if I would stop starting new projects I might possibly get up to date on it.

This is week 5 on Circles. It's taking me forever to decide on colors. For the circles and the border I tried eight different colors that I can remember, possibly a couple more, before on a whim I put a few stitches in with the orange and went THAT'S IT. Four different pinks and right now I'm trying to find the right yellow.

Miss Fil's mini mystery piece for April. Every five days she releases a new section. I'm very pleased to say that I'm staying up to date on this. (Even if it is tiny.)

Pink Plaid Pear by Casey Buonaugurio. This was part of the ABC Stitch order that came in this week. Along with Taco Sampler and Frog Prince sampler by C. B. and the two Sampler of Stitches charts that I was missing. Decided to start PPP Friday evening, I had worked all day on Circles and my eyes were starting to cross from working on the black. Still felt like stitching though, and I thought that since PPP is worked on 14 ct. white Aida that it would be easy enough on the eyes. I think I might be a bad girl this week and ignore my goals and just stitch on this until the pear is done. Haven't decided if I'll put the alphabet on it or not, (I don't like stitching letters).
No picture of Celtic Christmas. She has a lot of dangly threads right now, working and gridding threads, and just doesn't look too pretty.

Friday, April 4, 2008

March Recap and a finish

"Luck O' The Irish" by The Sunflower Seed
28 ct. white jobelan
WDW blue spruce and kudzu
started 3/15, finished 3/24
March Goals were: 1. 2 days a week on Celtic Christmas
managed five and a half good stitching days
2. 2 days a week on Circles
3. finish biscornu or at least the top layer
almost - 92% done (the top layer that is)
4. finish tassel that was started at February's EGA meeting
no this was actually my goal for the week of 3/24 until I looked at
the calendar and realized the meeting was the very next night
Isn't March supposed to have 5 weeks?
New projects started this month: 1. Lizzie-Kate's Double Flips
2. Miss Fil's April mini mystery sampler
3. and The luck o' the Irish
April goals are the same as March but with the addition to stay up to date on the mini sampler. It's very small only 30 by 30, so I should be able to accomplish this. I've met the first 2 goals so far.