Sunday, May 11, 2008


Part 3 is finished. I'm finding this piece extremely addicting! It's also making time disappear. I start stitching and all of a sudden it's two hours later and it's every time I work on the piece. This is also the only piece I'm working on (except for when I'm waiting at the doctors, my traveling piece is Damier). Normally I get a little bored with a piece after 5 or 6 days of stitching on it. And then there's the fact that I'm not even sure if I find the piece visually attractive. It's a bit busier and more colorful than what I usually like. BoInk is turning out to be a new stitching experience for me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, April's goals sure did fly out the window. My Celtic lady and Circles pieces haven't seen the light of day since the second week of April. As for the tassel, I do peek at it every now and then. It's still in the bottom of the basket, hasn't walked away or jumped into somebody elses hands to be finished.
I spent a week working on pink plaid pear and then switched over to BoInk (Book of Ink Circles, a mystery SAL).

Local fabric selection is limited to what AC Moores and Michaels carries. I had picked up an 18 ct fiddlers and then realized it just wasn't quite large enough and I'd of had to add other fabric around the edges. So I decided to do it on 22 ct hardanger. On the 22nd a friend and I discovered that the needlework store in Stephens City, VA was still open. They had the perfect color fabric for BoInk. Except it was linen and I don't like stitching on linen. I must have went and fondled the fabric 8 or 9 times, my friend eventually said "You better buy it now cause I'm not bringing you back down here". So, I've made a second start on BoInk. It's an absolutely lovely piece of fabric to work on. It's an overdyed and since the threads are packed closer together I'm not having any problem with tension. (I like to pull tight enough that you see holes.) And it's so soft and silky that I love the feel of it. It's washable so I think it might be from L & L, it's 32 ct. Belfast vintage country mocha.

My goal for May is not to start any new projects.