Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7, 2008

Part 4 of BoInk is finished, and I'm through stitching on it until the next part is released. A lot of the SAL members have stitched the whole border, but since I have trouble counting past five (and somedays just counting to two seems to be a problem), I'm stitching the border after I stitch the design.

I finished the top of my biscornu yesterday. I think that might have been one of my goals for March. And today I started on the bottom. For the bottom I'm just doing one of the tiny little squares in each corner. Hopefully I'll finish that tomorrow because I want to start this:

This arrived in the mail today. I can't believe I behaved myself and worked on the bottom of the biscornu instead of starting this. Once I get the first row put in I'll be using this as my commercial stitching while I watch So You Think You Can Dance. The commercials are so numerous and long that it wouldn't surprise me if I finish it while only stitching on it during the commercials.
Happy stitching everyone!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1st, 2008

BoInk as of 5/18/08. The design for the empty square was released this past Tuesday. I have it all stitched except for the light blue. Haven't found the blue that says 'I'm it!' and after stitching small bits of about a dozen or so different blues I'm about ready to go back to my original pick. Took last week off from BoInk to finally put my first word in on the Lizzie-Kate double flips. Forgot to take a picture, but it looks like all the other dreams, didn't change a thing on it. My goal for this week is to finish the squares and cat on BoInk and then hopefully next week I'll get some work done on Celtic Christmas.